7 nov. 2009

Raul Tamudo: Los Periquitos' former idol has fallen off his perc

Los Periquitos' former idol has fallen off his perch. There is some dispute as to exactly when he will leave the club, but it could be in the coming days...

Tamudo, Welligton, Espanyol-Malaga (MARCA)
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Tamudo, Welligton, Espanyol-Malaga (MARCA)

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Raul Tamudo will return to training at Espanyol this week but could see his contract rescinded before Saturday, leaving him in limbo, according to a report in Sport.

The former Blanc i Blau captain has seen the row over his desire to leave become a major saga, which divided opinion at the game against Tenerife on Sunday.

Many fans supported the player, who is Espanyol's all-time record goalscorer and who has been at the club since he was at school, but there is also a section whose support he has lost.

With a public war of words continuing, president Daniel Sanchez Llibre stated, "Although I am fed up with things I do not want a battle with anyone nor do I want to see things become out of hand.

"Tamudo, although badly advised, has given us a great deal. I would not want to see anyone leave the club having had their reputation harmed."

A meeting between the club and the player's outspoken agent, Tomas Duran, is set to take place on Tuesday, when the option of seeing his client released immediately could be put forward, Sport report.

El Mundo Deportivo believe that can be avoided, but both Catalan daily sports papers state that Tamudo will leave in January, with England his most likely destination.

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